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  1. Set your rules
  2. Witty automatically lists all symptoms
  3. Decide and intervene MUCH faster
  4. ChatBot, 2D or 3D version, RA, tablet, smartphone or PC

Immediate technical diagnosis

Witty3D is a diagnostic and maintenance software based on Artificial intelligence, 3D visualization and interactivity. It connects easily to your data in real time and adapts to new tools. To capture knowledge and know-how, the experts create in Witty a skills repository called “brain” that will be enriched intervention after intervention. Witty3D dialogues with the technician and shows him the machines in 3D.

Witty3D establishes a technical diagnosis taking into account all your criteria. Witty3D will dialogue with your colleagues by asking the right questions and providing the best answers. It is the smarter solution that will help you make the right decision within your operational teams, and thus lower your costs.

Revolutionize your maintenance operations

In addition to your internal operating gains, and your gains in time spent in intervention, you will be able to identify all the opportunities of improvements of maintenance interventions, by improving guidance on prevention and adapt your training to the real case of the field.

During a maintenance operation, Witty3D will accompany an operator in his reasoning and help him make the right decisions in accordance with instructions, taking into account the real-time sensor data. We will model your machines in 3D to accompany the reasoning with visual and explicit explanations.

Master the power of AI

All the exchanges between the speaker and Witty3D are recorded: they can be shared with other profiles which will allow for the manager or the prevention expert to know remotely the contents of the intervention, or to take a reasoning in level 2.

At the end of the intervention, the information is then accessible to all, in nomadism or not, in online or offline mode. For our clients, it’s about putting in place a system that will make stakeholders more effective, regardless of their skill level.

Accessible technological excellence

Witty3D is built on a SPIROPS decision-making architecture to describe complex decision systems that can take into account in real time up to several hundreds of thousands of parameters.

It is based on a fuzzy logic principle of order 1. The system is able to connect to a heterogeneous set of data providers: sensors, results of image or sound processing, historical …

Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology is capable of being embedded in hardware with low computing power and interfaced with an interactive 3D visualization contextualized to the current decision.

Customer feedback

«We had a significant problem of responsiveness on complex operations. And we needed to move faster in new markets while the turnover of our teams increased. We were able to fix all these problems with Witty3D and the end customer found himself there. We found a new motivation to use thanks to the bluffing capabilities of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The experts mobilized to enrich it and the R.O.I. was significant.» David P. MOC/MRO Specialist

Deployable product on the basis of a license from 2500€HT/month