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The reference


Automatic import and rig of CAD files


Train, simulate, operate in and from the Twin


Generate multi-platform client applications on PC, tablet, mobile and connected glasses

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  1. Automatically import locally or in the cloud all your CAD files
  2. Collect all the data from the IOT and merge into the Twin
  3. Take advantage of the AI to decide, filter and learn
  4. Generate cross-platform applications for any type of support in SaaS mode or locally

A technological break

To increase your industrial performance, ITECA has created the SmartUpp platform, which collects your data (sensors, CAD files, …) in real time and relays them intelligently to different users.

Assisted by artificial intelligence, it filters and disseminates information via innovative interfaces and technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Thanks to SmartUpp, the industry will switch to the digital age with ease and enter the fourth industrial revolution: Witty Revolution, Smart Industry!

The digital platform serving the industry

A 3D Asset Manager connected in real time to the data transmitted by the sensors will coordinate the functionalities of multiple applications such as design, supervision, alerts, diagnosis, training, simulator or communication. Monitored by a decision-making AI, it will apply a series of filters designed by users for learning purposes.

It will authorize actions in control-command virtualization according to the data reported by the machines. Finally, this architecture allows for the broadcast of the platform on any type of device, touch screen, headphone and VR / AR glasses, through PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Multiply your operational capabilities with the ITECA software suite

Witty3D: Decision support software in the field of operation and maintenance, combining the power of artificial intelligence with the simplicity of 3D visualization.

Numac: Digital integration of paper monitoring of continuous improvement processes, as a first step in the establishment of the Industry of the future.

Digital Twin: Design support, production line layout assistant, internal communication, training, supervisory interface of the company, factory organization simulation, virtual reorganization, control-command virtualization.

Control-command virtualization and virtual commissioning

Control-command virtualization becomes an easy reality to take hold of. The intervention mode allows you to remotely intervene in remote operation from the virtual or augmented reality and to take control of the real machines. With the simulation mode, you can experiment with all situations to optimize your production.

Virtual commissioning or virtual commissioning consists of virtual means simulated via SmartUpp. Commissioning is the design, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of all industrial plant systems based on operational requirements. Virtual commissioning is the process of using SmartUpp to test changes to the Digital Twin before making changes to the actual plant. In this way, the risks of downtime and loss of income are almost eliminated.

Customer feedback

« We asked ourselves about a common platform for our different digital twins after seeing the ITECA demonstrator at the CES in Las Vegas. We needed an operational solution to coordinate our business applications between production, sensor data and our mathematical models. SmartUpp allowed to merge these bricks by offering all the benefits of immersive technologies and AI.» Philippe MP. VP Smart Industry

Deployable product on the basis of a license from 2000 € HT / month