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Transversality and collective progress


Operational effectiveness

LEAN 4.0

Improve all processes at the same time

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  1. Move to the industry of the future with simplicity
  2. Finalize the problem of broadcasting instructions
  3. Motivate your teams around performance indicators
  4. Enjoy dematerialized lean in multi-site, multi-service and multi-user

Pilot your activity from production data

Numac is a software created for the digital transformation of the industrial world. It digitizes continuous improvement in the form of services and processes. Easy to handle, multi-user, multi-site and multi-services, it allows you to take advantage of the digital integration of paper monitoring processes of continuous improvement.

This is the ideal first step in setting up Industry of the Future.

Go to lean management 4.0

Numac multiplies all the traditional gains of the lean by facilitating the diffusion of the instructions and the good practices. You will find thanks to him the added value of the customer by eliminating all the brakes to the performance of your teams. From the operational to the manager, waste, variability and rigidities are identified and bypassed.

Numac responds to the immediate need of industry by reducing operating costs, increasing responsiveness, increasing overall quality and enhancing security.

Easy handling

Numac benefits from an intuitive interface tested and proven by several hundreds of end users.

Flexible and robust, it knows how to adapt to your production constraints and the specificities of your continuous improvement processes.

Perfectly multi-user, Numac reinforces the communication and cohesion of your teams around a tool dedicated to their performance and excellence.

Customer feedback

«The opening of a new production site posed problems of dissemination of instructions and the general production needed to be equipped at the level of team management of a real time control by the data. Numac was unanimously appreciated by our operators and our animators who found in him an elegant and practical solution to push continuous improvement. We do not imagine a single second going back and that makes us confident to move forward on the other topics Industry 4.0»  Patrick. D. Production Manager and Lean Animator


Deployable product on the basis of a license from 1000 € HT / month