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For more effective interventions

ITECA presents Witty3D: your smart assistant for Maintenance of the Future that uses the expertise of qualified individuals (experts, technicians, etc.), traditional monitoring devices and your data/sensors to achieve more efficient operations and processes.
Witty3D is a diagnostic and maintenance software based on AI, 3D visualisation and interactivity which connects easily to your data in real time and adapts to the new tools. With Witty3D, experts have created a pool of skills called the "brain" to record expertise and know-how, which will expand with each intervention. Witty3D therefore "talks" to technicians and shows them the machines in 3D.

Witty3D then compiles a technical diagnostic based on all your criteria.

Witty3D communicates with your collaborators by asking the right questions and then provides the most effective answers. It is the smart solution that helps you make the right decisions within your operational teams and therefore reduces your costs.

In addition to your internal operating benefits and reductions in time spent on intervention, you will be able to identify all the problems in this specific maintenance situation, orient them more effectively in terms of prevention and adapt your training to real situations in the field.

Witty3D assists operators in their assessments during maintenance operations and helps them make the right decisions based on the relevant instructions taking to account the real-time sensor data. We will model your machines in 3D to provide clear and visual explanations to accompany the assessment.



All the exchanges between the user and Witty3D are recorded and can be shared with other profiles to enable the manager or prevention expert to remotely identify the content of the intervention or to use an assessment in level 2.

The information will then be made available to all users at the end of the intervention, remotely or not, and in connected or disconnected mode.

For our clients, this means implementing a system that will make users more efficient regardless of their skill level.

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